Telegram update adds in-app translation, spoiler text, and support for message reactions


Telegram has announced an update to its popular messaging service that includes new features like the ability to translate messages in the app and respond to messages with emojis for quick response. The instant messaging service, which competes with WhatsApp and Signal, has also added support for formatting spoiler text in its apps so that users can hide the contents of a message that may contain spoilers, which the recipient then tapes to see be able . Telegram also adds support for themed QR codes for any user or group with a public username.

The first feature Telegram revealed on its official blog is an in-app translation feature that can convert messages received from another user or group. Users can activate the feature by navigating ideas > language. Users see a translation button for messages sent in languages ​​they don’t read. The feature will be available to all Android users, while iPhone owners will need to make sure they have updated to iOS 15 in order to take advantage of the feature.

With the latest update, Telegram added support for quick response so that emojis can be used to respond to messages they receive from other users. The function was popularized by apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram – even WhatsApp is said to work on message reactions. Android users will be able to. navigate Chat settings > Fast reactionwhile iOS users need to check Stickers and emoji > Fast reaction to choose their default reaction emoji.

Telegram has also added support for spoiler formatting, which allows users to hide the contents of their messages if they contain spoilers of any kind. Users can hide certain parts of their messages that others can tap to view – if they want. The feature can come in handy when discussing recently released movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections, or TV shows like The Witcher. It can also be useful when discussing sensitive topics and the hidden part of the message can act as a trigger alert for users.

Telegram already supports QR codes, but the service is now adding support for “thematic” QR codes, which can be generated for any user with a public username. Users can also generate QR codes for their groups, channels, and even bots while customizing a QR code with different colors. These can then be shared with other apps or printed and sent via email. Meanwhile, according to the company, the service has also improved seven animated emojis in personal chats with full-screen effects.


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