Spider-Man: No Way Home Box Office Raises $ 1.37 Billion, Sony’s Biggest Movie Of All Time


Now the twelfth greatest movie of all time, Spider-Man: No Way Home has jumped its global box office to $ 1.37 billion (approximately Rs 10.194 billion) after a sizable New Years weekend. The new Spider-Man film has thus also become the greatest film of all time by Sony Pictures and surpasses its direct predecessor Spider-Man: Far From Home with 1.131 billion US dollars (approx. 8,416 billion rupees). Crucially, and unlike most of the top-grossing films, Spider-Man: No Way Home has reached status – on the third weekend of its release – without the help of China, where the new Spider-Man movie doesn’t have to be yet a publication date is given.

During the New Year’s weekend, Spider-Man: No Way Home added an additional $ 131 million (approximately $ 78.3 million) to its global boxing collection from cinemas in 61 other markets around the world. This is one of the best third movie weekends ever in North America, and thanks to that weekend’s numbers, Spider-Man: No Way Home has passed the $ 600 million mark and is currently closer to $ 610 million (about 4.540 billion rupees), making it the tenth greatest film of all time in the United States.

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Elsewhere the total is $ 759 million (about Rs.5,649 billion). The largest areas for Spider-Man: No Way Home are Great Britain with $ 92.4 million (about 687 billion rupees), Mexico with $ 64.9 million (about 483 billion rupees), South Korea with $ 51.4 million ( about 382 billion rupees), France with 50.2 million dollars (about 373 billion rupees), Australia with 42 million dollars (about 312 billion rupees), Brazil with 40.2 million dollars (about 299 billion rupees), India with 34, 2 million dollars (about 254 billion rupees), Russia with 34 million US dollars (about 253 billion rupees), Germany with 29.5 million US dollars (about 219 billion rupees) and Indonesia with 22.9 million US dollars. Dollars (about 170 billion rupees). Still to come is Japan, where Spider-Man: No Way Home will debut on Friday January 7th.

Meanwhile, The Matrix Resurrections – the fourth chapter of the Matrix franchise – has grown to $ 106 million (about Rs.789 billion). It raised an additional $ 17.5 million (about Rs.130 billion) last weekend, of which $ 3.8 million (about Rs.28 billion) from cinemas in the US and Canada and the remaining 13 $ 7 million (approximately Rs. 101 billion) from cinemas in 76 markets worldwide. The total breakdown is $ 30.9 million (about 230 billion rupees) from North America and $ 75.1 million (about 559 billion rupees) elsewhere.

In the US and Canada, The Matrix Resurrections is also available for free on HBO Max for the first month after its release. This is not an option anywhere else. Japan is the largest non-North American market with $ 9.7 million (approx. 72 billion rupees), followed by Great Britain with $ 7 million (approx. 52 billion rupees), Russia with $ 6.8 million (approx. 50 billion rupees), France with 5.8 million US dollars (approx. 43 billion rupees) and Mexico with 3.9 million USD (approx. 29 billion rupees). Matrix Resurrections will be joined by four other markets, including China on Friday January 14th.


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