PUBG: Battlegrounds teased for receiving surveillance drones on January 12th


PUBG: Battlegrounds brings drones to up the ante of your team and has one more way to win a battle. The drone monitoring function is highlighted in a new teaser. Games like PUBG: New State already have drones to give players a tactical edge. According to Krafton, PUBG Battlegrounds will be free to play for all users starting January 12th. Although the game is free to download and play, Krafton will reportedly restrict some items and game modes to paying players.

A teaser video has been posted on the PUBG: Battlegrounds Facebook page. The short clip shows a number of players hiding and planning their moves. They are unwittingly monitored by a surveillance drone controlled by another player. A similar teaser was also tweeted earlier this week in which the developers shared a clip showing a radio-controlled surveillance drone, remote control, map and bag.

The feature is slated to hit PUBG: Battleground on January 12th, the date the game will move to a free-to-play model, according to Krafton. The game costs Rs. 999 on Steam in India. Although it is free to download, some items will be exclusive to paying players along with select game modes.

Meanwhile, Krafton continues its tough countermeasures against players cheating on Mobile India in Battlegrounds. It suspended more than 71,000 accounts in the week that ended January 2. The developer has already blocked two lakh accounts within a month. These players’ devices will be permanently banned from the Battle Royale mobile game.

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