CES 2022: BMW presents a car wrapped in electronic paper packaging that can change color in an instant


BMW designed a car that can change color in an instant. It uses the same low-power screen technology that e-book readers use. The bespoke BMW iX Flow features an outer shell made from E Ink’s electronic paper display technology that uses tiny microcapsules of colored ink that rise or fall to change the appearance of the vehicle. Not only does this change the color of the vehicle, but it also adds intricate patterns and designs if the owner so wishes. BMW iX Flow was presented as a concept at CES 2022. Nothing is yet known about its mass production.

According to a report from Gizmodo, the updated BMW iX Flow currently only relies on black and white electronic paper to adjust the exterior surface of the vehicle from darker to lighter. This technology allows the vehicle owner to change the color of the car to white to reflect sunlight and keep the interior cooler in summer. This also reduces the pressure on the vehicle’s air conditioning system. And owners can switch it back to black during the winter season so the interior absorbs heat and stays relatively warmer.

As we gradually move towards using more and more electric cars, this technology can be of great benefit. An electric car that can absorb sunlight could extend battery life and range, automotive experts believe.

While the technology is impressive, it’s too early to say we’ll see commercial production of cars wrapped in electronic paper. A big problem with these cars would be repairing a scratch on the paper, which is very expensive. Repairing a scratch on the exterior paint is much easier and cheaper.

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