PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 15.2 brings drones, EMT gear, new training modes and more


PUBG: Battlegrounds developer Krafton has announced its update 15.2, which brings drones to the popular battle royale game. The update has reached public test servers and will arrive on the live servers next week. The new update adds a range of tactical gear in addition to drones and new tutorial modes. PUBG: Battlegrounds also got some improvements for Win94 and VSS rifles. Krafton also improved the look of the minimap in the game and made it more detailed. In addition, the Battle Royale title is also getting a new lobby theme.

In a blog post, Krafton announced new tactical gear, game modes, and other improvements for PUBG: Battlegrounds that will be available with Update 15.2. It will be available to players starting December 12th after being uploaded to live public servers.

PUBG: Tactical Equipment for Battlefields – Drones

The new drones will allow players to explore a map and they can spawn on any map. Players can access drones in normal games, custom games, training mode, and sandbox mode. Drones also have the ability to pick up loot and bring them back to the controlling player. Players can launch the drones by toggling in a drone view. However, drones are not clandestine as they make noises in flight and have a clear flashing light.

Players cannot move while in drone view and once they exit the drone the drone will hover in its current location. Drones also have a radius of action of 300 meters around the controlling player. They can also take damage from gunfire, explosives, fire, water, extended range, and vehicle collisions.

PUBG: Tactical Equipment for Battlefields – EMT Equipment

Like drones, EMT Gear will be available on every map and in regular games, custom games, training mode, and sandbox mode. The kit will contain two stacks of bandages – 10 total – but equipping them will reduce the player’s combat flexibility. Using the EMT gear allows for faster healing and resuscitation for dejected players.

PUBG: Battlegrounds new game modes

In basic training mode, players go through five phases – basic character moves, looting and shooting weapons, looting and throwing thrown items, using healing items, and resuscitating dejected teammates. This is the first of the tutorials and must be completed by the players to advance to the next level – the AI ​​training game.

The AI ​​training match has 99 bots and shows a mockup of how a match works. The map is fixed on Erangel and only supports the third person perspective. Players are required to complete certain lobby tutorial missions that involve various achievements and can only be achieved once per account.

Krafton has also introduced a practice range where players can hone their aiming and shooting skills. The indoor exercise stand was set up in training mode. It also gets a moving target practice mode along with a target pop-up practice mode.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is also getting improvements to its Win94 and VSS rifles. Both rifles can now be used without a scope, making them better for close-range combat. Win94 gets an iron visor, while VSS gets a canted visor. Additionally, Krafton has improved the on-screen ping marker and will not be available in Ranked and Esports modes.

In addition, Krafton has also improved the graphics of the minimap and made it more detailed. The Battle Royale game is also getting a new lobby interface along with a new theme.

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