Clubhouse now allows users to hear conversations on the platform without logging in


Clubhouse – the popular social audio chat app – announced on Friday that it will now allow anyone to hear conversations on the platform over the web. The experience will initially be rolled out to clubhouse users in the US and will work for both reruns and live rooms with reruns enabled. It is not necessary for listeners to have the Clubhouse app installed on their devices or to have logged into the platform. Regardless, Clubhouse has an option that allows users to share sessions they are attending in the app with any social media network or through a messaging app.

Since its launch in March 2020, Clubhouse has required users to log in to participate in a conversation taking place on the platform. The app also began its journey initially as a pure invitation solution. However, it changes the existing model by introducing “web listening” which enables people to overhear conversations in clubhouse rooms with their phone or laptop without having to download the app or log in.

In order for users to be able to listen to their content via a web browser, the creators must have playback enabled in their virtual rooms. The replays function is intended to enable users to listen to the recording of a live conversation in the app at a later time.

Clubhouse noted that “Web Listening” is being introduced as an experiment which means you may notice some bugs in the early stages. Plus, the experience is currently limited to the United States, although the team is open to expanding it to more countries – and more room types – over time.

In November, Twitter took a similar move, allowing users to listen to conversations made through the audio-only Spaces without an account feature.

In addition to being able to listen to conversations over the web, Clubhouse allows users to share conversations over a social network or copy their link to share them through a messaging app. Dedicated Share by … and Copy link Options appear as soon as you tap divide Button in a room so that you can share the conversation with a larger audience.

today we’re introducing a simple new way to promote great spaces. It’s called … drum roll …. SHARE! we invented it and no one thought of it before.

Even better, when you share, people now have the option to listen on the desktop – no login required 😇

– Clubhouse (@Clubhouse) January 6, 2022

There is also a Share on clubhouse Option that allows you to share the virtual space with your followers in the app. You can also add a comment along with the access to the room if you select the appropriate option.

Clubhouse is also rolling out share and clip counters at the bottom of the chat room to give creators an insight into how often their chat rooms are being shared. It also brings a new Room Insights page that will give creators more insights in the future, the company said.

The updated sharing experience on Clubhouse is rolling out this week for both Android and iOS users.

Overall, Clubhouse is trying to go beyond the app with the new functions and make conversations on the platform more accessible. It does appear to have lost some of the steam, however, that it gathered with celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg attending clubhouse rooms. The app has also been criticized for poor moderation practices and a growing number of adult rooms.

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