PatchWall Replay 2021 Report: 4K and HDR Content See More Buyers in India


Xiaomi has been one of the most popular television manufacturers in India for a while and is the best-selling smart TV brand in the country according to a report from IDC. Competitive pricing and a range of products to cover popular TV sizes and resolutions are the result of the company’s success with televisions in India, along with smaller and more sophisticated features and customizations on offer. One such feature is PatchWall, Xiaomi’s custom user interface for its TVs that runs on the Android TV operating system.

PatchWall is a kind of “skin” that gives users a different look and feel to the TV than the standard Android TV user interface. Xiaomi puts a lot of effort into the upkeep of PatchWall, including content curation, app integration, and features like kid mode, which ensures some level of content filtering so kids can use their TVs reasonably unattended.

The company has now published the PatchWall Replay Report for 2021 based on user data from the many users who use PatchWall on Xiaomi TVs. Now in the second year after the first report was published in January 2021, the latest report reveals the key viewing habits and trends recorded by PatchWall through 2021.

More and more users are cutting the cable on traditional wired and DTH connections

Although services like Netflix and Hotstar have enabled on-demand access to movies and TV shows, users have typically relied on cable or DTH TV connections and linear TV programming to access live content like news and sports . According to the PatchWall Replay 2021 report, consumption of streaming content on PatchWall-enabled TVs, including live TV from news channels, has increased by 300 percent.

Sports content consumption on PatchWall has also reportedly increased 117 percent, with major events including the India Vs. Pakistani cricket match during the 2021 T20 World Cup and the Olympic Javelin Final where Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal reported an enormous commitment. At the latter event, 70 percent of households with a PatchWall-enabled TV tuned in to Neeraj Chopra’s gold medal-winning javelin, according to the report.

4K and HDR content is seeing more buyers in India

Ultra HD and HDR content has been available on streaming platforms for some time, with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video leading the way. However, Netflix only offers access to 4K and HDR content with its premium plan, while Amazon Prime Video does not effectively market Ultra HD offerings. Things changed on that front in 2021 when Disney + Hotstar finally brought out 4K and HDR content, including popular movies and TV shows like Luca, Avengers: Infinity War, Loki, and more.

Hotstar is one of the most popular OTT platforms in India and of course this has helped to increase consumption of 4K and HDR content in India. PatchWall recorded 1.38 million clicks for 4K content, of which 1.21 million clicks for Dolby Vision content on compatible Xiaomi TVs such as the Mi QLED TV 4K and the Redmi TV X55.

Users continued to rely on streaming services to access new movies in 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a factor in the ability to watch new movie releases, users continue to rely on streaming services for access. Many new films were released quickly on streaming platforms after short theatrical runs, while others were released directly on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. These included major releases like Shershaah, which was on the India Top 10 Charts on PatchWall for 40 days, and Tenet, which was among the first major global films to be streamed in India after a patchy movie theater overshadowed by bans and restrictions were published.

The report also says that 39 percent of Hindi-speaking households in India with PatchWall-enabled TVs discovered content in another language, particularly films from South Indian theaters such as Jai Bhim, Malik and Drishyam 2. Of course, this was helped by the greater accessibility of streaming content, increasing viewer awareness and easy access to content in multiple languages ​​that was normally overlooked due to limited theatrical screenings of regional content.

Other popular movies on PatchWall in 2021 are Black Widow, Salman Khan-Starrer Radhe, Godzilla Vs Kong, and Shang-Chi. According to the report, the top TV shows of 2021 include The Family Man and Loki. The report also says PatchWall users consumed 230 million minutes of music content, with artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal being the most popular.

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