5G Wireless Aviation Impact Notices are issued by the FAA


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced early Thursday that it would release notices about the extent of the potential impact of the new 5G radio service on sensitive aircraft electronics.

The FAA has held discussions with aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and cellular carriers to help mitigate the impact of the new cellular service, which is slated to begin Jan. 19. The FAA has warned that potential interference could affect sensitive aircraft instruments such as altimeters.

AT&T and Verizon Communications, which won almost the entire C-band spectrum in an $ 80 billion auction last year (approximately Rs 5.91.370 billion), agreed on Jan. 3 to buffer zones around 50 airports, to reduce the risk of interference. They also agreed to postpone the deployment by two weeks in order to avert an aviation security breach.

The FAA said it will publish so-called flight mission notices Thursday at midnight, detailing “aircraft with untested altimeters, or those in need of upgrading or replacement, will not be able to make low-sight landings when 5G is deployed” .

The announcements will include details of the impact of instrument approaches on major airports. The FAA has determined that certain airports such as Miami and Phoenix will still allow some GPS-guided approaches.

The FAA said Wednesday that it “expects to provide updates soon on the estimated percentage of commercial aircraft equipped with altimeters that can operate reliably and accurately in the 5G C-band environment”.

The cellular industry provided additional location data from the transmitter, and the FAA said it could determine that the initial 5G implementation will allow aircraft to land safely in low visibility conditions on some runways with no restrictions.

The FAA is still working to “determine which radar altimeters are reliable and accurate with the 5G-C-band deployed in the United States”.

On Friday, the FAA selected 50 U.S. airports that will have buffer zones when wireless carriers turn on the new 5G C-band service.

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