General Elections 2022: Twitter announces initiatives to empower voters with reminders, special emojis and quizzes


Twitter on Thursday announced a series of initiatives to educate citizens properly before casting their votes in the upcoming general election in five states.

Parliamentary elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa will be held in seven phases between February 10 and March 7, with votes being tallied on March 10, people including 8.5 million women will be in the five States are eligible to vote.

“In elections, people come to Twitter to find credible voting information, learn more about candidates and their election programs, and engage in healthy citizenship debate and discussion about making decisions in the exercise of their civil rights,” Twitter said in a statement.

Twitter’s initiatives, powered by an open internet, aim not only to ensure high voter turnout but also to ensure voters are involved, engaged and informed throughout the election cycle, she added.

As part of the initiatives, Twitter will be releasing a custom emoji, which will also be backed with a notification and reminder mechanism that will allow people to volunteer for reminders on the day of voting.

In addition, a voter education quiz will involve people in questions and answers and provide them with the necessary facts about the polls, the statement said.

Twitter said it had launched a call for information with the India Electoral Commission and Chief Electoral Officers to help find credible and relevant information for the general election.

These prompts provide credible, authoritative sources of information when users search for related keywords on Twitter’s Explore page. The prompt directs users to resources where they can access reliable information on candidate lists, voting dates, voting booths and more.

In addition to English, the search prompt will also be available in Hindi, Punjabi, and Konkani and will be supported by multiple hashtags.

Twitter will also host workshops and training courses for nonprofits in the five states that aim to develop literacy materials and pre-bunks to help tackle election misinformation.

“… and events of political and social importance always find a place in the discussions about the service. The public discourse is shaped by these discussions and we recognize the responsibility that is placed on us – for reliable and authentic information when they go to the vote, “said Payal Kamat, Twitter India Manager Public Policy and Government.

She added that the company has worked in partnership with official agencies, including the Election Commission of India, and will continue to harness the power of the open internet to enhance civic dialogue and promote high quality participation this election season.

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