YouTube Testing Smart Downloads Feature that automatically downloads 20 videos per week: Report


YouTube is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to enjoy content without relying on a data connection. YouTube’s new Smart Download feature can automatically download videos when Android devices are connected to Wi-Fi. The latest smart download feature could download 20 recommended videos per week. It’s reportedly available for a limited time as an experimental feature for limited subscribers. YouTube Music offers a similar Smart Download feature that automatically downloads music while connected to a Wi-Fi connection based on users’ past listening history.

Testing of the new feature for YouTube on Android was first reported by 9to5Google. According to the report, the Smart Downloads feature can automatically download 20 videos every week while the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Users can access the offline content under the Smart Downloads heading by going to the Downloads page from the Library tab. According to the report, testing of the new feature is available for users in Europe. Gadgets 360 was unable to verify the new feature in the YouTube app.

Users who don’t have enough phone storage to download all 20 videos of the week will reportedly receive notifications. Also, the new feature is said to work on the latest version of Android. This feature is available as an experimental feature for Premium subscribers until February 14th.

YouTube Music also offers a Smart Downloads feature for Premium members. With it, users can enjoy music offline by downloading their favorite songs and videos to their mobile devices. Once the Smart Downloads feature is enabled, the app will automatically download content based on the user’s previous listening history when connected to Wi-Fi. Users are advised to reconnect to the internet at least every 30 days to maintain downloads.

In a related development, YouTube is reportedly rolling out the Listening Controls feature for premium users on Android and iOS. The new feature provides users with additional controls when listening to music on the platform. It allows you to play, pause, fast forward and even rewind videos. It is said to be currently available for US users. The Listening Controls feature can be accessed by clicking the three dots icon in the top right corner of the YouTube video.

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