Google mandates weekly COVID-19 testing for people entering US offices


Alphabet’s Google is temporarily mandating weekly COVID-19 testing for anyone entering Google offices or facilities in the United States, the tech giant said on Friday.

Anyone entering Google’s US workplaces will need to test negative and wear surgical masks in the office, the company said.

“To prevent the further spread of COVID-19 during this time of heightened risk, we are introducing new temporary health and safety measures for everyone accessing our websites in the United States,” said a Google spokesperson.

Google offers free at-home and in-person testing opportunities for its employees, their family members and household members.

The temporary policy of weekly testing comes as cases of the highly contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus arrive.

Last month, Google announced that it was delaying its plan to return to the office globally starting in January amid growing concerns about Omicron.

Google, which was one of the first companies to ask its employees to work from home during the pandemic, had told its employees they would lose their pay and eventually be fired if they didn’t comply, according to a CNBC report Keep COVID-19 vaccination rules December.

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